Are Business Leaders Practicing Meditation?

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Article by Zhang Xinuye of Create Abundance

Business leaders have found that regular meditation helps with relationships and improves productivity in the workplace. Introducing meditation to employees has changed many environments making them more positive and calmer.

Archana Patchirajan

Archana Patchirajan is the CEO of Sattva she is a serial entrepreneur and her success she puts down to being very passionate about meditation. She admits that meditation has helped her navigate the way she interacts with her team. She is calmer and has more patience to understand situations from their point of view.

Rick Goings

Rick Goings is famous for being the CEO and chairman of Tupperware Brands. Rick says that he started his 20 minutes of meditation per day when he was 30 and never misses a day. He says that he will get his 20 minutes in regardless of where that takes place in his bed, his car, at the office whatever it takes he will not miss a session. Rick says that he never feels burned out and he puts that down to meditation.

Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel who is the CEO of Amneal Pharmaceuticals and was voted as 2011 entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young says that meditation is the reason that he feels more connected to his clients. His philosophy is that treating clients, staff, and colleagues as if they are family cements the connection and builds strong lasting relationships.

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