Are Business Leaders Practicing Meditation?

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Article by Zhang Xinuye of Create Abundance

Business leaders have found that regular meditation helps with relationships and improves productivity in the workplace. Introducing meditation to employees has changed many environments making them more positive and calmer.

Archana Patchirajan

Archana Patchirajan is the CEO of Sattva she is a serial entrepreneur and her success she puts down to being very passionate about meditation. She admits that meditation has helped her navigate the way she interacts with her team. She is calmer and has more patience to understand situations from their point of view.

Rick Goings

Rick Goings is famous for being the CEO and chairman of Tupperware Brands. Rick says that he started his 20 minutes of meditation per day when he was 30 and never misses a day. He says that he will get his 20 minutes in regardless of where that takes place in his bed, his car, at the office whatever it takes he will not miss a session. Rick says that he never feels burned out and he puts that down to meditation.

Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel who is the CEO of Amneal Pharmaceuticals and was voted as 2011 entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young says that meditation is the reason that he feels more connected to his clients. His philosophy is that treating clients, staff, and colleagues as if they are family cements the connection and builds strong lasting relationships.

About the author: Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a book that has become an international bestseller. She is well known for being a spiritual therapist and body-mind-spirit teacher. Zhang Xinyue is a spiritual leader born and raised in China and for 15 years from 1999, she devoted her life and energy to Create Abundance and studying and practicing body-mind-spirit cultivation. For more information visit Zhang Xinyue’s website

Millionaires Share Their Best Tips for Creating Abundance

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Many of the things that happen to people on a daily basis are upsetting. It’s possible that you’ll lose your job. Your spouse could file for divorce. It’s possible that your children will run off. We get sick with life-threatening illnesses from time to time. Everyone wants to know why things happen the way they do. We worry about these issues.

Worry is harmful to one’s health. It can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and a variety of other mental and physical health problems. Though there are pharmaceuticals that can help you cope with these issues, people appear to be looking for more natural ways to deal with them, and meditation is the ideal option.

Meditation is a simple and risk-free way to deal with stressful situations. It can be done in a bedroom or anywhere else peaceful and private. Close your eyes and start from there. Deeply inhale, then exhale. Repeat for a few minutes, or until your mind is clear.

One thing that millionaires have discovered is that worry and fear are counterproductive. You cannot create abundance in your life unless you let all that go. Zhang Xinyue has a great deal to say about this topic in her book. Many wealthy people begin the day by meditating. They take time for the things they love to do.

The following is a quote from Zhang Xinyue’s book Create Abundance:

“Go for wellbeing at any cost! You never have to show your wellbeing to anyone, or the cosmos. You know whether you have attained wellbeing or not.”

Celebrities who are Creating Abundance in their Lives

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If you come from a low-income background, you may be wondering how to get out of that and live a life of abundance. You may simply wish to live a simple, stress-free existence without having to think or worry about anything. Some people want good health. However, there is always the issue of wealth—you want to be affluent in your own right. Some of the teachings of Zhang Xinyue can help with this. She authored the book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue.

Maybe you don’t have to be a multimillionaire to be happy and satisfied, but you do need to be comfortable where you are to be able to live the life you want to live. To do so, you must overcome several challenges, two of which are your attitude and belief system.

How do you feel about yourself and about wealth? Some people are taught that wealth is bad and that we should not aspire to be rich. But is this true? People can be poor and still not have sound morals.

As we consider all these issues, it’s important to think about celebrities who have become successful due to hard work and changing the way they believe about the world, money, and themselves. Quite a few celebrities will tell you that they meditate each day. They may have positive words they speak to themselves—words of encouragement. We all need to believe in ourselves.

There are other lessons that celebrities learn including:




Learning from life lessons

Believing in yourself


Zhang Xinyue is a teacher, mentor, and spiritualist. Her book called Create Abundance explores these concepts and helps us reach up and believe we can be as successful as the most popular celebrity.

Small Business SEO Tips

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Every small business needs its own website. This is a great way to let the world know what your business is all about. With today’s technology, it is often even possible for your small business to draw in clients from all over the world. For instance, if your online store in Sweden sells children’s clothing, running shoes or even hardware, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to sell your goods and services to someone in Italy.

But how will potential customers find your website with so many out there? That’s the question many small business owners are asking themselves. One of the big answers is SEO, but there’s a lot more to SEO than just optimizing your text. Though many small businesses are currently having their website content rewritten to include valuable keywords for their site, that’s only the beginning.

Zhang Xinyue is an author, spiritual teacher and mentor who helps business leaders Create Abundance. She believes in helping those around you to succeed in order to create good Karma in your life. As we learn about life, family, business and the world, we can grow into a better version of ourselves.

This quote comes from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

“Abundance is an experience you undergo at the bottom of your heart, and a process in which you make a daily request to the cosmos and receive her compassion and influence. Originating from the wellspring of your soul, it is also the personal dignity every human life was born with.”


How to Achieve Good Physical and Spiritual Health

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The article was provided by The Global Spiritualist Association

One thing we all have in common: we’d like to get in better physical shape. We each have our favorite excuses for why we haven’t been able to do this yet. These can range from lack of time to just feeling that gyms are boring. Many of us work in offices where we simply don’t get much physical activity though. You may sit at a desk most of the day and eat out at fast-food restaurants several times per week.

If this sounds like you, then you have probably put on a few extra pounds that you’d love to get rid of. Usually, once we realize that we’re totally out of shape, we buy the latest work-out video or join a local gym. After only a few short weeks, we lose our zeal and go back to our sedentary lifestyle.

One thing we often neglect is our spiritual health. There are no tell-tale signs as with our physical bodies. You can’t see that you’ve gained weight so you may not be aware. Good spiritual health is important as you move forward and try to build your business. When we keep our spiritual-self strong and healthy, then we can more fully enjoy our success in business.

Of course, your physical health is important too. Most of us can find at least a dozen ways to add some physical activity to our day without really making much of a change to our lifestyle. Look for those opportunities each day to walk somewhere instead of taking the car. Just these few minor adjustments can get more oxygen into your blood stream and get your heart pumping more efficiently.

The Global Spiritualist Association was founded by teacher Zhang Xinyue in the year 1999 with the goal of bringing in the best Spiritual Teachers from various professional fields around the globe. The Global Spiritualists Association is well-known for focusing on creating a platform with international impact to exchange ideas for spiritual growth.