The Impact of Money on the Self

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By Samuel Phineas Upham

Money has a strange effect on people. Those who launch companies that become successful, especially the young, may feel conflicted on what to do with their sudden accumulation of wealth. There may be guilt, that one person earns more than others. It’s also common to feel joyous and waste it all in a frenzy with no real sense of planning. The truly wealthy are those who exercise extreme discipline in managing their money and its impact on the self.

The Meaning Behind Money

Listen to some people and you’ll hear that money is the only thing fueling charity and museums. Others will tell you money is systemic of greed. Some will say money can help preserve nature, others say the accumulation of wealth is the directly related to the destruction of nature. That signals a deep divide in how some people perceive wealth. Those who argue that more should be given to the poor may not donate money or time themselves. This is not to say the rich are to be pitied, only that there is a disconnect between what we can do with the means we accumulate.

If wealth is the root of all evil, then wealth will remain unattainable and the world will always seem unfair and opposing. After all, only evil people get rich.

So it’s important for all of us to understand the impact that money has on the self. Be honest with your intentions on spending money and money will find a positive use.

Samuel Phineas Uphamis an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Samual Phineas Upham website or Linkedin page.