The Many Roles of a Construction Consultant

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A consultant is merely someone who has years of experience in a particular industry. Consultants aren’t just experts. In the case of construction, a consultant may perform many duties on site besides evaluating the project. For instance, during disputes, consultants may act as a construction expert witness to help tell your side of the story in layman’s terms to a jury.



A consultant is firstly someone who has expertise in the field of construction. Some have many years occupying jobs at every level, others have owned and managed contracting companies, and still others have particular specialties (like steel fabrication) that fill important niches in the construction zone. That enables a consultant to fill the role of construction expert witness, project manager, turnaround supervisor and other key roles involved at every level of the construction process.



Disputes are fairly common in construction, and most require little more than a claim to resolve. Occasionally, larger disputes between personnel or vendors can cause hiccups in the plans that throw off deadlines and ultimately cost money. In these cases, mediation is the preferred method to solve disputes. Construction mediation is much faster than trial, does not require legal representation and typically leaves all parties feeling as though they got what was owed to them. Plus, you don’t risk everything on an outcome that is difficult to predict.



Consultants often fill the role of managers, especially in turnaround scenarios. These key personnel sign off on plans, place orders for materials and oversee the entire schedule. Consultants are well suited to this role because their experience informs their decision making.

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