What Is Interim Short Term Management?

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Written by Lyle Charles

The construction industry is home to all kinds of different methods and practices designed around getting the job done. Obviously, there are countless materials and other “tricks of the trade” that help build large buildings, keep them standing and make customers happy.

However, what you may not know about is interim short term management. This is the practice in construction where a management team is brought in to take over the build for a very short period of time. Why would you want this? It usually has to do with a very specific problem or challenge that threatens the entire project. So it could be a claim that was filed or delays due to weather. Whatever the case, a short term management team that specializes in this delay will take the project over while you concentrate on other important areas that still need your attention.

The best versions of these management teams can do everything from help settle legal disputes to serve as a construction expert witness to simply suggest a solution they know will work for a very precise problem you may be experiencing. So this is definitely a solution to consider.


Construction projects involve too many moving parts to go at it alone, which is why so many companies in your situation rely on Lyle Charles Consulting. Aside providing construction claim analysis service, Mr. Charles is experienced in all facets of the construction industry and can lend his knowledge to help get yours the results you desire.

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