3 Money Lies That You Should Steer Clear Of

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While your desire to spend a lot during your twenties is only normal, this will change by the time you get to the age of 30.

Given that this is the time when you tend to earn the most, it’s also important that you begin to put away just as much.

This also involves avoiding certain money lies that you might tell yourself. Here are 3 of these money lies that you should steer clear of:


1: Doesn’t Matter If I Hate My Job, As Long As It Pays Well

No matter what it is, there’s no point working at a job you hate by the age of 30 and which leaves you stressed out and disappointed. Sometimes you have to look at something else which pays less in order to enjoy your life a little more. It isn’t a sacrifice even if you think it is.

2: Turning A Blind Eye Is Fine, My Finances Will Figure Themselves Out

It’s bad to ignore financial red flags in your 20s when they arise. No matter what change your bank account even if you are fearful of seeing a really low number. Make sure you look at your credit report regularly. Also, take advantage of work benefits offered – the 401(k) match being on of them. If you are out of money, make sure you know it. It’s the only way you will do something about it.

3: I Should Get Married Because It Is The ‘Next’ Step

Getting married at 30 is a trend these days. Yet very few people can afford to get married given the absurd costs associated with an American wedding. Doing so will result in massive debt and which in turn, will result in stress and arguments along the way. Whatever you do, ensure that you partner has a similar view of money just as you do.