Why Jury Selection Research is Important for Winning Trials

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All attorneys understand that proper preparation is necessary for getting a favorable verdict for their clients. This includes knowing the circumstances of the case, the laws that are relevant to it, and which jurors are best suited for selection. The law gives attorneys a right to voir dire, which allows them to examine potential jurors for any biases that might prevent their clients from getting a fair trial. With the help of a skilled jury selection research company, attorneys can ask the right questions and get the best possible set of jurors that can secure a favorable outcome.

Juror surveys can examine the most crucial traits that determine whether a potential juror is more likely to yield a guilty or innocent verdict. These include traits such as background characteristics, values, attitudes and opinions, previous courtroom experience, and reactions to current issues that are relevant to the trial at hand. According to scientific jury selection (SJS), attorneys familiar with the principles of social science can identify which jurors are more likely to render a favorable verdict based on their traits.

Jury selection research is important because of how it can level the playing field in the courtroom. While nothing is guaranteed, you must do everything in your power to ensure your client gets a fair trial. Furthermore, if the court has allowed you the opportunity to eliminate unfavorable jurors, it is in your best interest to take advantage of it.

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